Thursday, February 4, 2010

Change Picture On Ny Drivers License Can I Change My NYS Drivers License Picture?

Can I change my NYS drivers license picture? - change picture on ny drivers license

I live in upstate New York and had a driver's license in upstate New York since he Fifteeen. I see almost nothing, as I did. I lost weight and my face is structural, because it differently. I'm sick of people asking: "Is that really true? Or that people look at me and my ID ten minutes if I have to buy beer (yes, I have about 21). It is always annoying and uncomfortable. It is my no matter if it a couple of hours at the DMV funds only need to know if possible .. Thanks in advance!


Eric L said...

Yes you can. Enter the DMV and tell them that you lost your license and need a new one. The line is depeding take some time, as it is and will be a new picture of you. Bring 2 pieces, such as school or work identification card and possibly a medical card, if you are under his name. The cost is less than $ 20.

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